Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008


I just want to say a Big THANK YOU to all those that helped make this trip such a success. The joint project was one of which, I am sure both English and Spansih children, enjoyed and gained some valuable understanding of language and culture. We are looking forward to receiving our Spanish visitors on April 16th.

Homework! To help us consider future visits I would like to collect some thoughts on what went well and ideas that could make the trip even better. I will be closing the blog at the end of this week. You will still be able to view, however, comments can not be added after this time.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Plaza Mayor

On Tuesday we went into the city. The children really enjoyed shopping in Plaza Mayor.

Friday, 6th March LAST DAY!!!

Hi everyone!!
Thank you to you all for the messages. The English children have really enjoyed staying with the families. They have been treated so well, taken all over the place and showered with gifts. What an experience! The children have been learning so much, joining in the Spanish classes. The joint project has benefitted both lots of children. Yesterday culminated in a Spanish food bonanza! All the families had prepared traditional dishes. They were laid out for all to share. The children were encouraged to taste test, learning the names of the food and deciding which they liked the best. Ok, the teachers had a go as well! The children have their bags packed and are ready to set off for the long journey ahead. Can you believe some of the children don´t even want to go home, but we wont name names! Adios..... see you soon

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Review of our first night with families.

The children had many different experiences whilst staying with their host families. Reece D, you lucky boy, went to see a football match (some team from Madrid!). He even took a video of the winning goal! Here are a few comments from the children.

Football Match

Reece Darley was very lucky!!! He was taken to the world class stadium to see a match.

Thursday, 6th March

What a great day we had yesterday. The day started off with packing cases ready for the next leg of the trip. Whilst waiting for the bus William prepared himself to buy our bus tickets. Unfortunately he didn´t have chance to use his language skills as when the bus stopped the driver took one look at us, shook his head and refused to let us on. One problem, half the children had already got on through the back door. The children were great as Mr Ludlow lost it! Using his best English Spanish he told the driver how crazy he was (whoops!) Never mind! An amusing race across Madrid, with bags and cases in hand, followed.

Ampero took us on a fantastic tour of Madrid. What a marvellous city! Well done Gaby and Chloe they received the shopaholic award for the most shops visited and presents bought in thirty minutes. Sorry Reece, you didn´t manage to get your ´nice cup of tea´. When you read this I hope you have managed to get one! Lunch was interesting. The wind was wild so we played a game of ´catch your lunch´as it went flying through the park. Oh yes, forgot to mention that we saw the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace.

The day ended with the children going home with their new friends. The staff sighed, wiped a tear from their eyes and went to party. The staff checked into a pension for the night. We all had single rooms which Mr Ludlow was pleased about because he could snore as much as he liked.